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The Painter’s Hidden Masterpiece: the story of Johannes Matthaeus Koelz

3 November 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

Virtual Event

The Painter’s Hidden Masterpiece: the story of Johannes Matthaeus Koelz, book cover (detail)

Simon Lake, former curator of the German Expressionist collection at Leicester Museum and Art Gallery, will tell the story of a remarkable and until now almost entirely forgotten artist, Johannes Matthaeus Koelz.

Koelz was a non-Jewish Bavarian realist painter, born in 1895, who fought in World War One and won the Iron Cross, yet between 1930-37 secretly created a powerfully expressionist, monumental anti-war and anti-fascist triptych called Thou Shalt Not Kill. Forced to dismember the work in 1937, when facing imminent arrest, he escaped Germany, finally reaching England in 1939 with his family. It was only after her father’s death in 1971 that the artist’s daughter Ava Farrington began a search for the lost triptych and in 1998 that Simon first encountered the fragments of the painting that led to the publication of his book over twenty years later.

The event will be chaired by art historian Monica Bohm-Duchen, initiator and director of the Insiders/Outsiders Festival.

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