The Oldham Mural – why this rare and threatened modern artwork needs protection

Join Henrietta Billings, Director of SAVE Britain’s Heritage and Nick Braithwaite, great nephew of the artist George Mayer-Marton, for this recording of an online event and discover more about the artist, the mural and the current campaign to save it.

Watch a recording of our online event to mark the appearance of George Mayer-Marton’s Murals & Mosaics, Baquis Press has published an appraisal of its unique qualities and other works by this Hungarian-Jewish artist who settled in England in 1938.


The Photographer at Sixteen by George Szirtes

BBC Radio 4 Book of the Week. George Szirtes reads his award-winning memoir about his mother, and her hidden history. Tender and profoundly moving, it’s a life told backwards.


New Titles:

The Themerson Archive Catalogue, 3-vol. set edited by Jasia Reichardt and Nick Wadley, MIT Press

Kokoschka: The Untimely Modernist by Rüdiger Görner, Haus Publishing

When The World Was Ours by Liz Kessler

Survivors: Chlidren’s Lives after the Holocaust by Rebecca Clifford, Yale University Press


Inside Art: Ruth Borchard Collection

A new film about émigré art collector Ruth Borchard by Richard Shaw, first screened by Sky Arts and Freeview on 14 December, can be viewed here.


Music, Migration & Mobility: Conference Recording

The Legacy of Migrant Musicians from Nazi Europe in Britain

Recording of the online symposium co-hosted by the Royal College of Music & the Austrian Cultural Forum on Thursday, 3 December 2020. This recording will remain available until January 31, 2021.

The corresponding Symposium Programme is attached here (PDF).


Launch of the new Cosman Keller Art and Music Trust website

The Cosman Keller Art and Music Trust is very happy to announce the launch of its new website.


Refugees: Forced to Flee

A new exhibition has opened at IWM London, exploring a century of refugee experiences, from Nazi Germany’s persecution of Jews and the Kindertransport, to the Calais Jungle and the treacherous Mediterranean crossings.






Laelia Goehr: Photographer

This website has been created by Julia Crockatt to share the photographs of her grandmother, Laelia Goehr, one of the many women photographers who came to the UK in the 1930s as a Jewish refugee from Germany. She took up photography seriously when she started war work in the 1940s and continued until the 1980s.

Many of her photographs have been seen and published, such as her well-known portrait of her mentor, Bill Brandt; others are in the family archive and have not been seen for many years, if ever. It has been a fascinating journey for Julia, piecing together the story of someone who was a refugee not once but twice over, who on arrival in the UK had to start again in a new place with yet another language, and who with determination and hard work became a successful and well published photographer.


Sanctuary and Exile Project