Insiders/Outsiders YouTube Channel

Looking back, how fortunate it was that the year-long nationwide Insiders/Outsiders Festival was due to end in March 2020, so that when Covid struck, only a handful of live events had to be cancelled.

While the months that followed have been challenging in the extreme, they have dramatically changed the way we think about communicating, and their legacy will undoubtedly be long-lasting.

For Insiders/Outsiders, the obvious step was to go online, a move that has had unexpected advantages – above all, the fact that we can now reach people in far-flung geographical locations in ways that we never even thought about before Covid. And so successful has our programme of online events been that we have every intention of continuing it into late 2023 – and beyond. In other words, the rich afterlife of Insiders/Outsiders now seems assured.

All our online events are recorded, and those recordings can now be accessed on our YouTube channel

For convenience, and as they increase in number, we have divided them up into separate playlists: among them, Internment 1940-41, Second & Third Generation Voices, Fractured Worlds and Brave New Visions.