In addition to the much-anticipated exhibition, Brave New Visions: The Émigrés who transformed the British Art World, which opens at Sotheby’s on 17 July (click here for more information), July sees the opening of two other exciting new exhibitions in London. Have a look at our ‘last chance to see/ book’ page for information about other exhibitions and events ending this month.


July highlights:


Hugo ‘Puck’ Dachinger, Portrait of a Man: Wilhelm Hollitscher, (Huyton Internment Camp, Liverpool, 1940), Watercolour and gouache on newsprint Ben Uri Collection © ESTATE OF HUGO DACHINGER

ART-EXIT: 1939 – A Very Different Europe
Ben Uri at the 12 Star Gallery
17 July – 11 September

The exhibition shines a spotlight on a very different Europe – 80 years ago in the lead up to, and the start of, WW2. It features the forced journeys of many of central Europe’s most distinguished and pioneering artists, who fled tyranny in search of artistic and personal freedoms.

It features émigrés from countries including Austria, Czechoslovakia, France, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Russia, and includes works by artists such as Adler, Auerbach, Chagall, Feibusch, Frankfurther, Freud, Grosz, Herman, Kokoschka, Meidner, Schwitters, Soutine and Topolski.

As Europe as a whole is experiencing a growing nationalist and populist momentum, these artists, their work and forced journeys – followed by new lives and significant contributions as immigrants in their new homelands – all have fascinating, important and topical stories to tell.


Cover for The Wonder World of the Seashore, 1955, with permission of Otto and Marie Neurath, Isotype Collection at University of Reading

Marie Neurath: Picturing Science
House of Illustration, King’s Cross
19 July – 3 November

House of Illustration celebrates Marie Neurath with an exhibition of ground-breaking graphic design that transformed children’s learning from the 1940s to today.

Marie Neurath – an émigré graphic designer and author, led a team at the Isotype Institute that produced over 80 illustrated children’s books from 1944 until 1971. The pioneering collaboration between researchers, artists and writers produced infographics and illustrated diagrams to explain scientific concepts.

The exhibition will include spreads and working materials from book series that Marie Neurath produced, including Wonder World of Nature and Wonders of the Modern World.