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Showcasing Art History: Britain ∩ Europe

21 May 2019

The Courtauld Institute of Art, London

Encounters in Art: Ludwig Meidner and Oskar Kokoschka

This series investigates a particularly significant episode in the long history of British art’s relations with the Continent. These lectures will take a close and critical look at the experiences of the émigré artists who came to this country after Hitler’s accession to power in 1933, examining not only their achievements and influence, but also the challenges – not to say obstacles – they faced on arrival.

The series will open with an introductory lecture providing a broader cultural and political context for the lectures to follow. These will focus on the experiences of key individuals – John Heartfield, Kurt Schwitters, Oscar Kokoschka, Ludwig Meidner and Marie-Louise von Motesiczky – and the issues raised within the study of mid-20th century British art by the reception of their disparate yet related practices.


Tuesday Evening Lectures from 7 to 8 pm followed by Q&A and Drinks

Showcasing Art History can only be booked by the term, in this case all five summer term lectures, not individually.


30 April Monica Bohm-Duchen: Refugees from Nazi Europe and their Contribution to British Visual Culture: Setting the Scene

7 May Monica Bohm-Duchen: John Heartfield: Art and Politics in 1930s Britain

14 May Professor Sarah Wilson: Kurt Schwitters in Britain

21 May Dr Niccola Shearman: Ludwig Meidner and Oskar Kokoschka

28 May Dr Ines Schlenker: Women Émigré Artists: Marie-Louise von Motesiczky, Milein Cosman, Else Meidne